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Principal’s Message

008Dear Students:-
Nursing is a call to Service.Service to the mankind is the primary function of the nurses and the reason for existance of Nursing Profession. It is the profession of Dedication,faith,courage and loving  for humanity.As the world is changing fast,Nurses need to change according to the needs of society,individual,group and community.To be succesful in this profession new nurses need to be skillful in advanced technology and change themselves with the changing world.Above all to face the challenges of emerging health problems and their consequences you need to be dedicated ,honest,hardworker and emotionally mature.we believe to serve the society with dedication and from the core of our hearts.So ,Come to National Institute to fulfill your dreams to become a Noble Nurse.Warm Regards,
                                                                                    DR.PRAMJIT KAUR 
                                                                                                (  9915736264)