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Director’s Message

It gives me immense pleasure to invite you to the sprawling, bustling vast campus suited to be a beacon of hope & light. With its formidable think tank & immense human resources with increasing job opportunities here & abroad, College is now preparing to meet the demands of increasing enrollment, while maintaining its tradition of excellence. We strive to keep pace with the growing demands of health sector by continually widening the scope of its courses & activities.Here at NINS, nursing is nurtured in a dynamic learning environment, has access to cutting edge educational resources & attains guaranteed placements with the health industry’s best. Conceptualized as a school for smart, young individuals capable of steering their future towards leadership, anywhere on the world map. We are concerned in developing youth towards becoming professional nurses – holistic in character, critical thinkers, appreciative of history & culture who will harness the transformative powers of the communities they serve towards a healthy way of life across life span. We relentlessly embark upon nurturing competent, committed, compassionate & globally comparable nurses.