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                INTERNAL FACULTY
                                 * Doctorate principal
                                 * Doctorate vice principal
                                 * Post graduate with  experienced staff
                                 * Undergraduate with  experienced staff
                 EXTERNAL FACULTY
                                  Doctorate and postgraduate faculty for following subject
                                   * Anatomy and physiology
                                   * Biochemistry
                                   * Microbiology
                                   * Parmacology
                                   * Pathology and genetics
                                   * English
                                   * Based on subject and topic wise (M.B.B.S,Post graduate staff class also )
               STAFF WELFARE
                                  *  Staff development programe
                                  *  Participate and organise different seminars,conference,symposia and etc inside and outside
the campus.
                                  * Staff will send to International level,National level,Statelevel,Universitylevel,College level conference,seminars and etc
                                  *  In-service education
                                  *  Staff sports programme
                                  *  Staff tour programme
                                  * Personality Developing Training & IELTS Training