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Examination Rules

National Institute of Nursing Examinations

All GNM the students are to take the following examination:

  • PTS examination : This is an internal examination conducted by institute after three months of admission. Only those candidates who qualify this examination with 50% marks will be allowed to continue the training.
  • Internal Assessment: This is based on the students in the classroom, practical work in the wards / community field etc.
  • First State Nursing Examination: After the completion of first year of training, students will have to pass the House Selection Examination (which will be conducted by the Institute). Candidates who fail this House Examination will not be allowed to take up for the first year. Such failure candidates will be put back by six months their training.
  • Second State Nursing Examination: After completion of second year of training, the candidates will again be put to House Selection Examination (which will be conducted by the Institute). Successful students will be able to take the test for second year and on successfully clearing this examination, they will be eligible for their training in third year.
  • Third State Nursing Examination: Similarly, after completion of third year of training & qualifying the House Selection Examination, students will be allowed to take the test for third year.
    • All students as well as those students who fail in any examination are required to complete minimum of 75% of the lectures before taking up the next examination.
    • All ANM students shall have Council Exams at end of 1st year & 6 months.
    • All PBB Nursing students will have University exams at end of each academic year.

Eligibility for Admission to Final Examination

To be eligible for admission to annual examination, the students should have:

  • Attended less than 75% of the total classes for each paper (Lectures, Practicals & Field work.)
  • Completed the practical training requirements.
  • Records of practical experience duly completed & signed by the Principal.
  • Pursued a regular course of studies for a minimum period of 11 months in an year.
  • Met the field experience requirements.